Video Course:

Build & Deploy a Native Web App

duration: 4h 39m 12s
published: 4/7/2015

Code along with Henrik Joreteg and build an entire Native Web App (a.k.a. Single Page App) from scratch; from the first line of code all the way through deploying it live on the Internet.

You'll build an app using Ampersand.js and React that lets users log in with their GitHub account and edit labels on their repositories.

A copy of the app we're buidling is online at and is also on GitHub.

The course is approximately 5 hours and 100% free.

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Intro40m 41s

App Groundwork37m 21s

Authenticating With GitHub52m 18s

Working with Repos and Labels1h 37m 10s

Cleanup, Optimization, Bug Fixes51m 42s