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Build an App with React and Ampersand

1-3 Project setup, using npm to install

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commands used

mkdir labelr
cd labelr
npm init
npm install --save surge@0.11.1

optional: installing all the dependencies

As we go along when we install new packages from npm, they'll be listed on the page. But if you prefer, you can opt to install everything up front using the following command:

npm i --save ampersand-app@1.0.4 ampersand-model@5.0.3 ampersand-react-mixin@0.1.3 ampersand-rest-collection@4.0.0 ampersand-router@3.0.2 autoprefixer-stylus@0.5.0 babel@5.1.13 babel-core@5.1.13 babel-loader@5.0.0 css-loader@0.12.0 file-loader@0.8.1 hjs-webpack@2.0.1 local-links@1.4.0 node-uuid@1.4.3 octicons@2.2.0 qs@2.4.1 react@0.13.2 react-hot-loader@1.2.5 standard@3.7.3 style-loader@0.12.1 stylus-loader@1.1.0 surge@0.11.1 url-loader@0.5.5 webpack@1.8.11 webpack-dev-server@1.8.2 xhr@2.0.1 yeticss@6.0.5

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